Keep on the Sunny Side

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Children’s eye care is a matter we take seriously  and in this journal KiddiOptics will be sharing  information with you about staying healthy whilst your child enjoys the sun.

The sunshine conjures up many happy memories of summer holidays, sea, sand and picnics in the park.  Safe exposure to the sun is good because we all need some sunshine for our bodies to function.  Encouraging children to get plenty of free time outdoors can be more than a reward. Outdoor time can become a way of life, where children can be mentally stimulated whilst learning to explore intuitively.

Enjoying the great outdoors when and how we can is a wonderful opportunity for the family to get plenty of sun time together. The sun has benefits such as inducing an increase to our serotonin levels that are mood boosting chemicals containing the feel good factor that help us all to feel calm and focused, which supports the positive level of interaction that we can share together.

Children can become irritable when they spend too long indoors and so on a sunny day it is important that all children are given a chance to go outside in the garden, park or just about any natural and open space to explore and play.

KiddiOptics much loved activities for getting out in the sun with kids:

1. Picnics

breakfast pyjama picnics with  kids during the spring or summer months can be a great start to the day.   As you can get plenty of fresh morning air and gentle sunlight before the sun reaches its strongest peak.

2. Bring your indoor activities outside

Just about most things you do indoors you can do outside. Our earliest ancestors used to spend the majority of their time hunting and living in the great outdoors.

3. Nature gathering

Nurture your child’s creativity by gathering acorns from the park, pine cones from the forest or shells from the sea. Nature can provide beautiful little treasures to be crafted and stored for all kinds of art projects.

4. Pay homage to the sun

The sun creates a fresh perspective in the sky each day. Take time out to enjoy the wonders that each sunrise and sunset brings.  It can be  enjoyable  to  listen to the early morning bird calls  or  watch the first stirs of wildlife. Encourage children to enjoy the sunset and the way the sky lights up to create a  spectacular multi-coloured theatre.

How to stay safe in the sun

The types of sunlight that can be harmful are UVA and UVB; they are the harmful parts of sunlight that can lead to skin and eyelid cancers. This does not need to prevent us from enjoying days out in the sun.

KiddiOptics tips for protecting your child in the sun:

  •  Hats with a wide brim block the UV rays from resting on the eye lid and entering the eyes.
  •  Sunglasses that absorb and block UV which will protect against eye and eyelid damages.
  •  Remember to use sunscreen regularly to protect the skin.
  • Remember to stay in the shade when the sun is at its highest point to stay cool.

Check out these useful links to staying healthy in the sun:




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