Frame & Lens Technology

slide7So, what are the benefits of tr90 technology?

  • TR90 was produced through Swiss technology as a thermo plastic material that is durable, flexible and lightweight.
  • KiddiOptics are made using TR90, they are very comfortable for kids and have a flexible quality.   The flexibility enables KiddiOptics to bend under pressure and contour to your child’s face in a wonderfully comfortable position.
  • TR90 flexibility makes the frame damage resistant and because the material is pliable, they are less likely to break or bend from impact.
  • From slender cat eyes to retro angular styles; all shapes of sunglasses can be carried of stylishly and lightly with TR90.

The lens

KiddiOptics source the very best PC, TAC polarized and CR39 lenses. TAC is effective at cutting strong light, reflecting and scattering light. CR39 is recognized for being scratch and shatter resistant with a high refractive index. PC lenses are notable for strength and durability.

How we source

Decisions about how KiddiOptics source products and operate as a business are fair and transparent.

KiddiOptics Focus On:

  • Compliance- Ensuring our lenses meets the correct ISO Standard ISO 12312-1:2013, by sourcing directly from the manufacturers.
  •  Quality– Ensuring the product is flexible, durable and comfortable
  •  Cost– The business is Mainly E-Commerce and therefore will operate online; KiddiOptics will negotiate the best prices in order to pass on savings to customers.